Getting Professional Looking Uniforms without the Huge Price Tag

Any business hoping to emanate a professional atmosphere will undoubtedly want to brand itself. Stationary, vinyl stickers and other accessories are often used to spread the name of a particular company; but another option can be just as, if not even more, effective when it comes to creating a uniformed approach to business.

That option is corporate clothing design – especially the type that is offered by online printing agencies. Australia has a huge market for these types of services, the majority of which will specialise in direct to garment t-shirt printing, or screen printing solutions. In the past one of the only ways to have a brand’s logo and imagery portrayed was via stitching.

Although effective, this technique can be very expensive; especially for smaller organisations that are attempting to brand themselves without covering a huge price tag. But how do these processes work and what is it that makes them so appealing to new and large businesses alike? Here’s a closer look at how apparel printing services can help to save a company money.

Printing in bulk

One of the biggest draws about ordering online from a clothing printing company is that many of them feature discounts for bulk orders. This means that when buying for a team of staff, the more items of clothing that are purchased, the cheaper the overall cost can be. But it’s not just the price that can be appealing – sometimes the main draw has more to do with the professional results.

Quality matters

With options for screen printing when a design may be simplistic, or direct to garment apparel printing when detail is more of a priority; there’s no reason why the highest quality results couldn’t be achieved. When choosing a good printing company that sources their garments from reliable suppliers and that use quality inks and resources; even cheaper options can yield professional products.

Matching clothing without risk of deviations

Any good online printing company should prioritise its quality control measures and those that do can often provide consistently high results throughout the entirety of their print services. For instance, screen printing can offer a way to ensure that the finished result matches across a range of clothing, whilst direct printing can make sure that the same depth of colour is achieved.

There are even options nowadays to print in neon and metallic colours, to add that extra bit of versatility to items of clothing. Rather than hiring a company that offers stitching services that can cause costs to skyrocket, printed apparel can still last for years when looked after and washed properly; whilst being much more affordable in most cases.