Every day, hundreds of people in and around Melbourne are thinking about approaching banks for help with buying their first home. The concept of mortgages isn’t a new one – in fact it’s been around for centuries, but only recently has it become the financial option that it’s now recognised as. Many lenders are more than happy to lend hundreds of thousands of dollars to customers – and as long as they can afford their repayments there will be minimal concern involved.

Unfortunately, with so much information on the internet, it can be quite challenging to find real and honest mortgage advice. So, where can you look to find the right type of guidance that will be unbiased? Here are a few suggestions to get your search off to a flying start – and one that will all but guarantee that you find the type of information that you are in search of.

Third Party Services

There are plenty of third parties out there that are willing to offer advice and information relating to loans and finances. Mortgage brokers and financial advisors are just two of them – with the former being ideal for helping you to learn about mortgages and even pursue an application. On the opposite side of the coin, advisors can do exactly what their name suggests; and that’s to offer advice relating to the subject of finances and loans in general.

Online Blogs and Forums

When searching online, you’ll undoubtedly find countless blogs and forums filled with fresh and up to date information that can help you with the knowledge that you’re looking for. You could turn to blogs that cover the mortgage topic in general, or sign up to a general discussion forum for help and advice from others that are (and have been) in your situation.

Directly from the source

Due to recent legislation, all banks and lenders are now required to be as honest and transparent about their terms and policies as possible. This means that they are now one of the best places to seek advice relating to mortgages – and by scheduling an appointment with a loans officer, you could have all of your questions answered. This can be a little intimidating however, and so the notable alternative would be to ask a mortgage broker for guidance instead – as they’ll have access to the same levels of information.