You don’t need a special occasion to buy gifts for your dad. Just think about this for a moment, will you?  You dad paid your school fees, took care of you when you were a helpless little tot and has continued to help you out even after you became a supposedly independent adult. Your dad deserves not just a gift but a number of gifts. In case you are not too sure where to get eclectic gifts you can try Express4fruits because these guys will definitely give you the right tips. Below are simple yet impressive gifts for your dad.

Fruits in a Gift Basket

Gifts for dad don’t always have to be tech or fashion-related items. If you have a father who loves fresh fruits, you should arrange for fruits in a gift basket for him. To ensure your dad gets fresh fruits, you should arrange for a special delivery service from Express4Fruits. This way, the fruits are delivered to your dad at home after office hours. Your dad can take some of the fruits as an after-dinner desert and eat some more the next day.

Universal Waterproof Phone Case

This gift will do the old man a world of good. If your dad loves fishing, swimming, boating or any other activity that exposes his phones to moisture, this gift is an excellent idea. The best thing about this gift is that it is transparent so your dad can still use the phone to take great photos without any risk of water damage to the phone.

Braided Bracelet

A great gift for your dad does not have to cost the earth. A braided bracelet is an excellent gift idea because it goes with practically every attire the man has in his wardrobe. To make the gift even more authentic than it already is, you can get an expert to engrave your name and that of all your siblings on the bracelet. This smart move makes this gift invaluable.

Wireless Charging Station

This is one gift your dad will value and actually use very often. This great charger can rest on any flat surface, and it can charge a variety of electronic devices. Your dad can charge his phone, laptop and tablet without plugging any of these devices to an electric socket. This charger stores electrical energy and works without any plugs or cables.

Electronic Sleep Aid Device

As people get older, they need less and less sleep. In case your dad is now in this category, you can buy him a beautiful sleep aid device. This device works like a charm and will get him to fall asleep within 10-20 minutes. This wonderful device works for most people so it will definitely work for your dad.

Leather Eyeglass Holder

This gift is for a dad who wears glasses and is always misplacing them. Just buy your dad a set of three eyeglass holders and place them in strategic places in his living room and bedroom. Apart from reducing incidents of missing eyeglasses, this wonderful product will protect dad’s glasses from scratches and damage.

Sock Subscription

As people get older, they tend to lose a bit of their sartorial elegance. This happens to even people who were known for their sense of fashion in their much younger days. You can buy the occasional shirt and trouser for dad. However, it makes sense to take out a sock subscription on his behalf. Do this and the man will get a pair of classy socks delivered to him every month for twelve months.

Sofa Side Pockets

When your dad is watching his favorite TV program, he doesn’t like to get up from the couch. Meanwhile, he probably has his phone, tablet and TV remote in a different room in the house. You can solve this problem by getting a snazzy side pocket for dad. Drape this pocket over an arm of his couch and ensure the pocket contains items like his phone, glasses and TV remote. This way, he can pick and drop the items back into this pocket without stress.