Is there any better excuse to have friends over than for a movie night? Whether you’re planning to sit on the edge of your seat with a thriller, sleep with the lights on after a horror movie, or enjoy a little romance – the chances are that you won’t want to turn up, or welcome your guests, empty handed; especially if they’ll be hungry. Buying gift hampers online can offer a great way to treat people, whilst making sure that everyone has something to munch on while the film plays.

What sort of things should you add to your hamper?

If you’re planning on purchasing your gift hamper using an online hamper making company, the great news is that you should be able to pick each and every component that goes into your hamper. So, what do most people appreciate during a film? Popcorn and a fizzy drink of course! If you feel like the popcorn will disappear before the film has even reached its most climatic point, then you could always add a few different savoury snacks to cater to everyone’s tastes.

Crisps can be a great solution, but crackers can be just as filling. Biscuits can offer the best of both worlds – but if you are having biscuits, you might find yourself needing to stop the movie just to jump up and flick the kettle on. You could choose to save yourself even more time by choosing a ready-made gift hamper and one that is already dedicated to movie night.

Or if you’re really careful with your planning and want to make sure that your evening of films and entertainment coincides with the best time of the year, then why not consider buying a Christmas hamper instead? The food will be tantalising, the atmosphere will be jolly and thanks to the efforts of your chosen hamper company, you and your friends will be enjoying great tasting treats well into the evening.