Go to an average grocery store, and gluten-free options are popping up all around the store. More people than ever before are eating a gluten-free, grain-free diet as they become more mindful of their health.

There aren’t quite as many options in the pet aisle just yet, but specialty options are on the rise. For dogs, in particular, new gluten-free dog treats are showing up all the time to allow dogs to live a healthier, fuller life by merely switching up their diet a bit.

Is gluten-free safe for dogs?

Over the years, gluten-free diets for humans have evolved from merely a celiac disease solution to a healthier way to live life in general. Plenty of people eat a gluten-free diet without being diagnosed with celiac, simply because they enjoy the other health benefits.

Dogs don’t have many documented cases of celiac disease, but that doesn’t stop some from having sensitivity to foods with gluten in them. While dogs can benefit from this source of protein, there is a chance of causing gastrointestinal problems. Food sensitivity issues are real in dogs, and a gluten-free diet can fix that.

A gluten-free meal or snack option involves staying away from the protein part of carbohydrates. That mostly means cutting out all cereal grains. Wheat, barley, and rye are the major grains that include gluten.

While it might not always be necessary to go gluten-free with a dog, it is 100% safe for them to eat this way. They can get the nutrients they are missing out on in other ways. Owners love the simplistic ingredient list with many of the gluten-free options. Instead of feeding a dog a lot of unknowns, they can have more control over what goes into their body. This helps identify if a particular ingredient is causing an issue.

What are the best gluten-free dog treats on the market right now?

Many owners worry about finding gluten-free options that their dogs truly enjoy. Treats are specifically hard, since many of the popular options do contain gluten. These five below are all gluten and grain-free, and dogs seem to love these treats without knowing any difference.

Jacks Premium Organic Biscuits

Available in five different flavors, Jack’s premium organic biscuits are an excellent treat for any dog. They are big enough for large dogs to enjoy, and the biscuits break easily for smaller dogs as well.

A simple ingredient list allows owners to view exactly what makes up these biscuits. They stay fresh and last a long time, so people don’t have to worry about any issues of them going bad. Let dogs try at least a couple of the flavors out to find a favorite. They usually will show some sort of preference over time.

JAGS Dental Dog Chews

Looking for a tasty gluten-free treat that also helps keep a dog’s teeth clean? The Jags Dental Dog Chews are perfect for that. Available in three different sizes, these chews are an ideal way to improve a dog’s dental health and breath.

Having 100% all-natural ingredients, including no artificial colors or flavors, certainly makes these safe for dogs. Keeping the chews gluten-free ensures that there will be no gastrointestinal issues with these either. Think of it as one of the smartest treats to have around at all times.

Whimzees Doggie Dental

Whimzees are special dental dog treats that are available in different sizes for any type of dog. The sticks are irresistible for dogs, and easy to digest for even the most delicate stomachs.

The hidden benefit of the sticks that dogs don’t realize is that they also double as a way to handle plaque and tartar buildup in a dogs mouth. The ingredients help with fast results, and the shape of the sticks allow for full coverage deep into the mouth. The sticks are easy to travel with, which is another bonus for owners looking for something simple.

EcoKind Pet Treats

It might seem like dogs will enjoy almost any type of treat, but they have favorites. By all accounts, one of the gluten-free dog treats many breeds go crazy for is this option from EcoKind Pet Treats. The reviews are in for many owners, and dogs go crazy for these puffy, crunchy treats.

They pack a lot of flavor in a small package, and the ingredients are 100% natural for anyone worried about their dog’s health. On top of being irresistible for most canines, they also help with oral health every time they chew them up. In particular, the chews focus on keeping the teeth and gums a little healthier.

Advance Himalayan

These very chewy dog treats are an excellent reward for any sized dog. Made from free-range cow milk, just three simple ingredients go into this chew. Anyone who has a dog with a sensitive stomach will know exactly what is going into their body each time they dish out the treat.

Many people are surprised by just how much dogs enjoy these cheesy chews each time they get their mouth on one. Dogs can chew on them for a very long time to stay busy, and in the end, it’s easy to digest for even the most sensitive stomach.

Final thoughts

If a dog is showing any signs of gastrointestinal issues, it’s worth exploring gluten-free dog products. It is always hard to fully understand food allergies and sensitivities with dogs, so a lot of it comes down to trial and error. Gluten-free options usually are very easy to digest, and many of the products are 100% natural and organic as well.

The five dog treats above are all affordable options to try out in the beginning. Chances are, every dog will have at least one choice they genuinely enjoy. No one wants to continually give their dog a treat that they can’t properly handle, so that is why it’s essential to go the gluten-free route if they are having trouble in any way with digestion. Even dogs who don’t currently have any health issues can benefit from eating healthier and more natural treats every day.