In a digital world, there are limitless ways in which you can surprise and delight the speakers, attendees and sponsors of your event.  If you are making plans for a virtual event, this list of gifts for a virtual conference can be used as inspiration to get you started:

Swag Box

Getting swag is among the things that are missed when attending in-person events. From water bottles to mugs, t-shirts and even face masks, these items provide a remarkable way of keeping your brand foremost in the minds of the partners or participants in your virtual event.  Additionally, you will be giving them something tangible and useful.

There are many companies available that can send branded swag to participants in your event.  Nowadays, many fun promotional items are there on which you can place your logo; the possibilities are limitless.

Gift Cards

A classic gift card is the favorite of many individuals and in the digital world in which we live, there are lots of options.  Just about everyone shops online, which makes a gift card from popular stores a great choice for any conference.  In addition, gift cards are quite easy to use and they allow a recipient to use them on anything they desire.

Maybe a gift card to a restaurant is a better fit for your brand.  If this digital gift idea is used, just ensure that you select a restaurant that is likely to be used by your recipients. There is also an additional benefit as this gift will enable you to provide support to the restaurant industry, which has experienced a particularly challenging time dealing with the pandemic.

Most individuals enjoy going out to eat.  Many individuals are venturing out again now that the restrictions have been largely lifted.  However, there is also the option of having the restaurants deliver food via services like Postmates, DoorDash and Uber Eats. A voucher for food delivery from any one of these services is sure to satisfy your recipients.

Digital Bullet Journal

Many individuals enjoy bullet journals as they effortlessly combine their diary, written meditation notebook and regular day planner, into one effective tool, which has proven to boost productivity and lower stress.  A digital journal can be sent to each conference attendee and participant; there are several options from which to choose.

Private Virtual Lessons

It is fun and exciting to learn new things; as such, private virtual lessons make a remarkable digital gift idea.  There is the option of purchasing a month’s worth of lessons for art, music, computer skills, language … virtually any type of lesson you can imagine.

Best of all, these lessons will be done virtually and customized to each recipient, ensuring the best possible training.  Take Lessons is a wonderful platform that will enable you to purchase lessons in a range of different fields.

Online Course

If the virtual event is intended to educate the audience, you could consider gifting them courses from popular marketplaces like Masterclass or Udemy. Whether attendees have an interest in marketing and sales courses or other skills such as photography and cooking, go for a professional course website that fits within your budget and aligns with the tone of your events.

Subscription Boxes

Over the past few years, subscription boxes have exploded in esteem and are among the favorite ideas for virtual gifts. Generally, new members complete a survey, so the service recognizes their needs and wants. Every month, the service then sends a box of treats to the participants based on their preferences.


There is also the option of giving your participants a detailed eBook that will provide information on a particular topic. There are eBooks that teach readers about the value of live events and include insights from industry leaders. This gift idea is also a remarkable marketing strategy for an event as it enables you to advertise your brand even long after the conference ends.

As it relates to digital gift-giving, there are a lot of options available. From subscription boxes to food delivery vouchers, we have provided you with a few ideas that can be used to impress your conference partners and attendees at the next virtual event.